Applying for Baptism

Please use the form below to book Baptism for your child. Our Parish staff or Priest will contact you back to discuss further proceedings. In case you do not hear from us within three working days, you may please ring our Parish Office.

Please complete the form and press the Send button below.

Note: Fields with * cannot be empty. If no information is available for a mandatory field, please enter 'N/A'. Be careful not to leave a mandatory field empty.



  1. Proposed date and time of baptism are provisional, subject to confirmation by Priest/Deacon.
  2. Baptism is celebrated on Saturdays, either at 12 noon or any other time up to 3pm latest.
  3. GOD PARENTS: A person may only have one or two Godparents (also called sponsors). If two are chosen, they must be male and female.
  4. Please drop us a copy of the child’s State certificate, which will be returned to you after verification.





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